Palm Oil – The Sustainable Oil

September 2009 – A study by World Growth
There are all the signs that a global campaign exists to discredit Palm Oil. This has happened before.  Demand for, and consequently production of, palm oil has increased dramatically over the past decade. Palm Oil has a number of advantages over competitor products. When new products have impact on markets, there is a natural process of adjustment.  The anti-palm oil campaign has now taken on a new dimension and has been wrapped into part of a broader campaign to restrict emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) by environmental groups and Governments in Europe. Palm oil now is accused of deforestation, reduction of biodiversity, endangering wildlife and increasing greenhouse gas emissions.  All of these claims are questionable or at best severely exaggerated. In the process, the vital role palm oil is and can plays in reducing poverty and raising living standards in poor countries is being pushed.


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