Collateral Damage: How the Bogus Campaign Against Palm Oil Harms the Poor

December 2009 – A study by World Growth
The world’s governments have convened in Copenhagen to determine a global strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There is every indication the issue is so thorny that no clear agreement can be reached at Copenhagen. It is likely the parties to the Copenhagen conference will try to identify the areas which can be the basis of a new global strategy and lay down a fresh mandate and program to meet it. Palm oil has been made the ‘poster child’ in this campaign to ensure that any global strategy to reduce greenhouse gases must also cease conversion of forest land to any other purpose. The campaign rests on contentions that it is detrimental to the environment.  Some of which are new and rather extreme. The purpose of this report is to examine those contentions, and the leading propositions used to support them, in particular that palm oil is a major driver of change in land use, causes major emissions of greenhouse gases, and that it is the leading threat to the habitat of orang-utan.

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