Palm Oil – The Green Development Oil Newsletter – Issue 5, February 2010

UK Parliament Says British Aid Agency Failing Growth and Poverty Alleviation
Just as the UK Aid Department, DFID, offers millions of pound of aid to encourage developing countries to cease using forest land for agricultural production, such as Palm Oil, purportedly to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the UK Parliament has criticized it for failing to give priority to economic growth and agricultural production. Continue reading

WWF Concocts Its Own Beautiful Set of Numbers

Alan Oxley, The Australian

The conservation group has for years been playing fast and loose with the facts.

THE revelation that a World Wildlife Fund report was the source of an insupportable claim that glaciers in the Himalayas were melting rapidly is embarrassing for the body. Continue reading

Summit and RI’s Environmental Strategies

Alan Oxley, Jakarta Post

Environment Minister Gusti Mohammad Hatta has been criticized for not responding to calls from environmental groups to act on forestry and climate change in his first hundred days in office.  The criticism is that he has done nothing about emissions of greenhouse gases.  Yet it maybe that he is more in touch with global debate on these issues than his critics. Continue reading

A Taste of ‘Greenmail’

Alan Oxley, Washington Times

If there was an award for “most badly behaved protest group,” Rainforest Action Network (RAN) would be contender for the title. Now, the Berkeley-based group of activists is trying to pull U.S. business (as well as an Italian fashion house and an Indonesian paper manufacturer) down with them. Americans will need to brace themselves, because they’re about to get a taste of greenmail. Continue reading