Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 13, June 2010

REDD On The Horizon? Unlikely

The recent ‘REDD+ Partnership’ conference in Oslo promised much for advocates of reduced emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) mechanisms. But REDD finance and funding mechanisms seem no closer to getting off the ground, and doubts from recipient countries and NGOs are mounting by the day. Many are asking why nothing has materialised from REDD or REDD+. Continue reading

Palm Oil – The Green Development Oil Newsletter Issue 7, June 2010

European Commission Tries to Downplay Biofuel Trade Control
The European Commission has represented its recent announcement that it will require biofuel importers to demonstrate good carbon emission management in land management as a contribution to sustainability – but it still remains a WTO inconsistent trade barrier. Continue reading

Protectionism: The New Tool Against Forestry in the Developing World

June 2010 – A World Growth Study

The World Growth report, “Protectionism: The New Tool Against Forestry in the Developing World” examines the way in which both Western governments and NGOs are using different types of trade controls to dictate forest policy in the developing world. The European Union in particular has launched a raft of policy measures that are aimed squarely at forest products such as paper and timber, while the US has amended the Lacey Act to control all imports of plant products. At the same time, both countries have used anti-dumping or countervailing procedures to impose Continue reading

Commission Sets Rules for Green Biofuel Label


To ensure that biofuels contributing to the EU’s 20% renewable target are produced in a sustainable manner, the European Commission called for industry and governments to set up certification schemes.

The Commission today (10 June) adopted a package on the sustainability criteria of biofuels. Continue reading