World Bank Hinders Response To Global Food Crisis

Solutions to Crisis Should Empower Agricultural Producers, Not Restrict Production

WASHINGTON, D.C. – In a response to the report by the World Bank, which proclaims that the hike in food prices has sent more than 44 million people into extreme poverty, Ambassador Alan Oxley, Chairman of pro-development NGO World Growth, released the following statement:

“Despite President Zoellick’s recent warning about the dangerously high level of global food prices, the Bank has remained silent about its support for policies that restrict expansion of land for production of food staples. Continue reading

The Economic Benefit of Palm Oil to Indonesia

February 2011 – A Study by World Growth

Indonesia is one of the world’s largest producers of palm oil and the industry has been the economy’s most valuable agricultural export sector for the past decade. The palm oil industry is a significant contributor to production in Indonesia. In 2008, Indonesia produced over 18 million tonnes of palm oil. The industry also contributes to regional development as a significant source of poverty alleviation through farm cultivation and downstream processing. Palm oil production provides a reliable form of income for a large number of Indonesia’s rural poor, Continue reading

New Report – The Economic Benefits of Indonesia’s Palm Oil Industry

How Indonesian Palm Oil Contributes to Economic Growth and Food Security in Indonesia and the World

Washington, DC – Efforts to restrict land conversion by environmental non-governmental organizations (NGO) and international institutions risk undermining economic growth in Indonesia and global food security, according to a new report released today by pro-development NGO World Growth.  The report assesses the palm oil industry, addresses the benefits and challenges facing the industry, and examines the role the industry has played in Indonesia’s economic growth and development. Continue reading

World Bank’s Revised Palm Oil Strategy Undermines Economic Development & Restricts Global Markets

February 2011 – A Submission by World Growth

World Growth has reviewed the revision by the World Bank of its proposed framework for engagement in palm oil following further comments from stakeholders. The new text now refers to many of the concerns raised by Governments, interest groups in developing countries and World Growth that the draft strategy disregarded the Bank’s obligation to advance economic development. Unfortunately, that improvement means little, because the original strategy proposed by the Bank remains basically unaltered. It continues to subordinate reduction of poverty and expansion of Continue reading

World Bank’s Palm Oil Plan Kills Jobs and Threatens Global Food Security

Framework Reveals Cozy Alliance between World Bank and WWF

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, World Growth submitted formal comments on a revision by the World Bank of its proposed Framework for Engagement in the Palm Oil Sector.  The process has been wrought with delay and criticized by stakeholders, particularly those representing Africa and emerging economies, for substituting proven poverty-alleviating and growth-enhancing strategies with plans developed by Green NGOs to limit production and trade of palm oil. Continue reading