The Green Campaign in the Antipodes

The Green Campaign in the Antipodes
Special Edition on Australia / New Zealand; Examining the Greenpeace-WWF Anti-Business Campaign

Greenpeace Increases Activity in the South Pacific and Australasia

Greenpeace has significantly ramped up activity in Australia and Papua New Guinea (PNG).  New Zealand can also expect attention since the New Zealand authorities recently Continue reading

NGO to Western Retailers – CSR Policies Can Harm The Poor

World Growth Announces Global Program to Create Development-Friendly CSR Policies

WASHINGTON—World Growth today announced a global sustainability program to assist multinationals to create development-friendly Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.  World Growth has issued letters and a questionnaire to nine of the world’s leading retail and consumer goods companies surveying their CSR policies and warns that many leading Western retailers’ CSR policies will do more harm than good to developing countries. Continue reading