Road to Rio II: Is WWF Delusional?

June 2012 – Green Papers: Issue XI

WWF, the world’s largest activist environmental organization will propose at the Rio+20 Conference that the world’s focus be lifted away from debt, joblessness and despair in much of Europe, intractable unemployment in the United States and the palpable opportunity which strong growth offers to reduce poverty in the BRIICS economies. WWF instead wants global attention refocussed on the task of building a global green economy.  According to WWF, the world is consuming one and half times the resources it should. It has produced new indexes to measure sustainability and rates of species depletion; has measured the ecological footprint of every country; has analysed consumption rates in the BRIICS economies; measured consumption by water footprints; and has concluded the world is living beyond its means. Consumption is said to be one and a half times more than what is available. The grandest delusion of all is that WWF considers that the picture it presents of the environmental catastrophe it forecasts is credible on the basis of new technical tools it has presented to assess the sustainable health of the world and its assertions it makes about the rate of environmental degradation.

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