Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 37, July 2012

SBY’s sustainability message

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono got the right message for the Rio+20 conference: Sustainable Growth with Equity.  The trouble is that those who should have been listening were not.  Perhaps this doesn’t matter.  The people who will succeed in implementing sustainable development will do so because it is a life-and-death matter — not an ideological ambition. Continue reading

The Green Development Oil Newsletter – Issue 21 July 2012

Government funded anti-growth NGOs fail at Rio

Attempts by anti-growth environmental NGOs to stifle agricultural and economic development in developing nations have failed to materialise at the Rio+20 Summit.  However their efforts will continue as ‘aid’ from governments in developed nations is focused on NGO causes. Continue reading

Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 36, June 2012

Rio+20 in Retrospect: Few Firm Commitments: practical standards

Many Western Greens and environmental officials panned the Rio+20 meeting in Brazil as a failure.  It was a distinct success: it defined a global consensus on how to manage the environment by being practicable, in contrast to divisive green demands for global rules and procedures to which many had strong objections. Continue reading