Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 38, August 2012

Green EU Priorities in Indonesia Neglect Economic Development

The European Union (EU) has proudly announced that it spends more than half of its aid budget in Indonesia on environment-related programs – more than three times its expenditure on education, more than five times its expenditure on health, nutrition water and sanitation combined, and almost seven times the spending on economic development and trade. Continue reading

BLOG POST: Alan Oxley on Green interference with Australian trade policy

The below text originally appeared in the ITS Reporter on August 17. Reproduced with permission. 

Why allow the Greens’ illegal logging campaign to mess with Australian foreign relations?

The Australian Labor Government must have made passage of the Illegal Logging Bill part of its deal for support from the Greens Party to have put the national interest at stake with the bill it rushed into Parliament this week.

Continue reading

The Development Tragedy – How Donor Aid Priorities and Land Use Policies Threaten Food Security

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced a Hunger Summit to coincide with the Olympic Games. The Summit was announced after the May G8 meeting where eight of the nations pledged to speed up progress on combating hunger and malnutrition and the recent announcement by United States President Barack Obama which launched the new alliance for food security and nutrition. Continue reading

Trade and Environment Newsletter – Issue 10, July 2012

WTO members express concern over use of ‘private import standards’ as non-tariff measures

In the 2012 annual report of the WTO, the Director-General, Pascal Lamy, warned about the continuing trend towards the adoption of protectionist barriers by nations following the global financial crisis.   A new feature was expression of concern by WTO members about the growing use of private standards as non-tariff barriers. Continue reading