New report: EU biofuel proposal a futile effort to curb productive land use in Asia - The European Parliament is set to vote on a proposal that adds additional burdens for renewable fuels being exported to Europe under the Renewable Energy Directive (RED). The proposed new requirement to report or calculate additional carbon emissions is a vain attempt to regulate land use outside Europe. Even modelling produced for the European Commission itself demonstrated that the proposed policy would have no significant impact.

A recent report by World Growth shows how the burdensome ILUC reporting requirements will simply add new obsta
cles to imports from non-European biofuel producers. Continue reading

The Green Development Oil Newsletter – Issue 32, June 2013

Haze from land clearing engulfs parts of SE Asia; Situation requires facts before pronouncements

Malaysian and Singaporean governments have expressed concerns about the impact of haze from forest and peat fires in Sumatra. There are suggestions that this has been caused by land clearance for oil palm plantations by agricultural businesses, including a number of Malaysian-owned companies operating in Indonesia. Continue reading

Trade and Environment Newsletter: Issue 21, June 2013

Solar panel trade pact will hurt trade, green growth

The EU, US and China are reportedly considering negotiating a deal to settle a trade dispute over low cost imports of solar panels. This comes amid rising tension over E.U. and U.S. tariffs on Chinese-made solar panels. The US imposed “anti dumping” tariffs of 30 percent last year. The E.U. recently imposed provisional duties, which could rise as high as 68 percent later in the year. Continue reading