In the Media: World Growth in the Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post published comments by World Growth chairman Alan Oxley on the recent policy developments within APEC’s Expert Group on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade (EGILAT).

Ambassador Oxley’s original comments prompted a response from Indonesia’s senior forestry officials.

“Forestry Ministry secretary general Hadi Daryanto, who attended the meeting, said on Sunday that the “non-binding” accord was made after allegations from NGOs that the regulations imposed by the US and Australia served more as non-tariff trade barriers to curb cheap, flourishing exports from developing countries penetrating their markets, and therefore violating WTO’s anti-protectionism measures.

Hadi said Indonesia would respect the accord, but would not stop trading forestry produce with Australia and the US, the latter of which is Indonesia’s third biggest wood importers.”

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Press Release: APEC isolates US and Australian trade bans on illegal logging

August 16, 2013 – Forest Ministers of the 24 APEC economies meeting in Peru have effectively isolated Australia and the United States for using trade bans to tackle illegal logging. The APEC statement on forestry follows established UN principles on forestry which promote sustainable forest management in developing countries and eschew trade bans. Continue reading

Trade, Sustainability and Development – August 2013

Trade, Sustainability and Development’ is a monthly newsletter that focuses on sustainable development in the developing world. It consolidates three of World Growth’s publications into a monthly newsletter, and carries World’ Growth’s mission to promote economic development through free trade and open markets.

Greenpeace action on GM in Philippines a “setback for science”

One of the Philippines’ most respected agricultural researchers, Dr. Emil Q. Javier, has hit out at a Greenpeace legal action that has resulted in a halt on field trials of genetically modified aubergines in the Philippines. Continue reading