World Growth Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 43

World Bank: Forestry projects conserve forest, neglect the poor

A recent internal review by the World Bank’s Internal Evaluation Group (IEG) has been highly critical of the institution’s decade-long record in the forestry sector. In particular, the review is critical of the Bank’s record on poverty alleviation in its forestry projects.   Continue reading

Revising the Equator Principles: Why Banks should not become the New Sustainability Regulators of Emerging Markets

On 13 August 2012 a draft of the updated Equator Principles (EP) was released for stakeholder consultation and public comment. This latest revision of the EP is a marked attempt to dramatically alter the role of financial institutions in emerging markets, from financiers to sustainability regulators. Continue reading

New Report: Wronging Indonesia – The EU’s Bait and Switch Illegal Logging Policy

The EU is delaying implementation of a ‘Voluntary Partnership Agreement’ (VPA) with Indonesia on illegal timber exports. Indonesia has complied with EU demands at significant cost, but the delays mean Indonesia’s exporters will now have to comply with a different, more costly system of regulation. This report examines the implications.  Continue reading

Forestry and Poverty Newsletter: Issue 40, October 2012

Norway’s REDD Program Still Missing the Mark

The Norwegian Government has pledged that it will spend around USD500 million on preventing tropical deforestation in 2013, an increase of around 12 per cent on its spending in 2012.  Yet Norway’s spending on tropical forests has thus far been hit and miss, according to its own internal reports.

Continue reading

Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 38, August 2012

Green EU Priorities in Indonesia Neglect Economic Development

The European Union (EU) has proudly announced that it spends more than half of its aid budget in Indonesia on environment-related programs – more than three times its expenditure on education, more than five times its expenditure on health, nutrition water and sanitation combined, and almost seven times the spending on economic development and trade. Continue reading

Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 37, July 2012

SBY’s sustainability message

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono got the right message for the Rio+20 conference: Sustainable Growth with Equity.  The trouble is that those who should have been listening were not.  Perhaps this doesn’t matter.  The people who will succeed in implementing sustainable development will do so because it is a life-and-death matter — not an ideological ambition. Continue reading

Forestry and Poverty Project Newsletter – Issue 36, June 2012

Rio+20 in Retrospect: Few Firm Commitments: practical standards

Many Western Greens and environmental officials panned the Rio+20 meeting in Brazil as a failure.  It was a distinct success: it defined a global consensus on how to manage the environment by being practicable, in contrast to divisive green demands for global rules and procedures to which many had strong objections. Continue reading