The Green Development Oil Newsletter – Issue 25, October 2012

Proposed French palm oil tax likely to push up prices, breach WTO and harm smallholders

A French Socialist Senator has introduced an amendment that would levy a tax on palm oil coming into France on the grounds it is harmful to human health.  The tax proposed would increase the cost of cosmetics and baked goods, most likely breaches France’s obligations as a member of the World Trade Organization, and makes producers of palm oil in developing countries, particularly smallholders in Asia and Africa, uncompetitive in the French market. Continue reading

The Green Development Oil Newsletter – Issue 23, September 2012

Greenpeace intensify campaign against small-scale farmers

Both Greenpeace and WWF have recently reiterated demands that small-scale farmers achieve certification under the RSPO. However adopting NGO demands would render farmers uncompetitive due to high costs of achieving certification. This appears to be of little concern to campaigners with an agenda to halt the palm oil industry. Continue reading

The Development Tragedy – How Donor Aid Priorities and Land Use Policies Threaten Food Security

British Prime Minister David Cameron recently announced a Hunger Summit to coincide with the Olympic Games. The Summit was announced after the May G8 meeting where eight of the nations pledged to speed up progress on combating hunger and malnutrition and the recent announcement by United States President Barack Obama which launched the new alliance for food security and nutrition. Continue reading

Green Development Oil Newsletter: Special Edition: RSPO GA8 – Issue 18, March 2012

General Assembly 8 – watershed moment for WWF and the RSPO

The re-run of the eighth General Assembly of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) was a watershed moment for the organisation.  The interests of palm oil producers have been ignored by other members of the RSPO.  Is this the moment that RSPO becomes a vehicle of WWF and their ambition to control and transform markets? Continue reading

Palm Oil – The Green Development Oil Newsletter – Issue 14, July 2011

Australian Senate Endorses Green Global Campaign for Punitive Labelling of Palm Oil 

The Australian Senate has passed a Bill requiring mandatory labelling of products sold in Australia containing palm oil.  A Senate Committee opposed the Bill observing “almost every argument [in support of mandatory labelling] presented to the committee was Continue reading

Grappling with Inordinate Uncertainty; Measuring the Carbon Footprint of Tropical Land-Use Change

June 2011 – A Study by World Growth

It is fashionable to consider the ‘carbon footprint’ that day-to-day activities of humans have on planet earth. The rationale for this concept is that it will give us a readily understood indication of the emissions of certain gases – especially carbon dioxide and methane – that are implicated in raising the earth’s temperature and the level of the sea which has become the focus of much contemporary concern in the community. The published research has concentrated on primary forest and permanent grassland. Little has been published on secondary forest or degraded forestland. Continue reading