US Lacey Act – A Green Trade Barrier Harms The Developing World’s Poor

Implementation of the Lacey Act’s new provisions uses the specter of illegal deforestation to protect domestic industry

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, World Growth submitted formal comments to the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s (APHIS) review of the implementation of the revised Lacey Act provisions. World Growth concluded that the new amendments passed in 2008 to expand the scope of the Lacey Act to include wood, paper and timber products, are de facto trade barriers, imposing costly and burdensome regulations for entry into the US market, while only benefitting uncompetitive domestic industries. Continue reading

New Report Calculates Cost of International Climate Aid to Indonesian Economy and Jobs

NGO World Growth finds climate aid programs could cost Indonesia 3.5 million jobs annually

Research reveals forest emissions significantly overstated

JAKARTA – A new report released today in Jakarta concludes that international climate aid programs underway in Indonesia today intended to limit expansion of forest-related industries could cost the Indonesian economy 3.5 million jobs annually, reducing export revenues and hampering sustainable development initiatives according to NGO World Growth. Continue reading

Trade NGO: Green Protectionism in Timber and Paper Industry Threatens Trade War with China

Brussels and Washington Should Think Twice Before Acting

JAKARTA – As the European Union considers trade measures to limit paper imports from China, the motives behind this effort are now clear – a global campaign against forest industries in Asia – cloaked with Green rhetoric to save the forests – to shore up uncompetitive pulp and paper producers in Europe and the U.S.  The campaign to get the EU to limit paper imports from China based on weak claims that China subsidizes pulp and paper industries, has taken the EU to the verge of trade war with China.  Beijing has warned EU member states China will retaliate and limit subsidized exports if the European Commission penalizes Chinese imports, warned Alan Oxley, a global trade expert, Chairman of World Growth and former Chairman of the GATT, predecessor to the WTO: Continue reading