Palm Oil


Palm Oil Green Development Campaign

1. Alleviating Poverty through Wealth Creation
Palm oil provides developing nations and the poor a path out of poverty.  Expanding efficient and sustainable agriculture such as Palm Oil Plantations provides small and large plantation owners and their workers with a means to improve their standard of living.

2. Sustainable Development
Sustainable development of palm oil plantations and growth of the palm oil industry in developing nations can and will be achieved through consultation and collaboration with industry, growers, lobby groups and the wider community.

3. Climate and the Environment
Palm Oil is a highly efficient, high yielding source of food and fuel.  Palm Oil plantations are an efficient way of producing fossil fuel alternatives and capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

4. Opportunity and Prosperity
Developing nations must be allowed the chance to grow and develop without political intervention by environmental groups or developed nations.  It is crucial that developing nations be given the same opportunities which developed nations have benefited from.

5. Property Rights
Efficient palm oil plantations and the growing demand for palm oil give smaller land holders greater opportunities to make a living off their land, maintain their ownership and support their rights to property and prosperity.